FIFA 16 Coin Generator

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With the launch of FIFA Ultimate you have to start over again! All your player and items of your previous FUT club are gone! You will need to spend tons of time in trading or in buying FIFA Coins or FIFA Points to have a great Ultimate Team again!


Good news! You don’t need to do that!


We already developed the FIFA 16 Coin Generator working for the new FIFA 16 Ultimate Team WebApp, Companion or directly on your console! Easily generate Free FIFA 16 Coins and FIFA 16 Points to your account!

Actually it was not that hard to develop, because the engine and source code of the Ultimate Team WebApp is not that different from FUT 15.


FUT 16 Price Range? Come on! Our FIFA 16 Coin Generator can generate Free FUT Coins and Ultimate Team Points without spending any real-money or time. We are developing cheating engines since 2011 and you might have heard of us before. The FIFA 16 Coins Hack is our newest tool.


You must have lived behind the moon if you are new to the FIFA 16 Hack. Let me ask you one question: Did you ever check the leaderboard of FIFA Ultimate Team before the actual release of the game? Normally it should be impossible to have millions of FIFA Coins, but the Top 20 of FUT have them! HOW?!


They are using our FIFA 16 Coin Generator already! How they use it? Check our tutorial. The FIFA 16 Coin Generator is the perfect answer on how to hack Ultimate Team 16 without any effort. If you face trouble at any time you can check our FAQ or directly send our support a message.


Getting free FIFA 16 Coins and Points has never been easier! With the FIFA 16 Hack you are not only able to give yourself millions of Free FUT 16 Coins or Free FUT 16 Points, you can also generate the Free FIFA Coins and Points to your friends account! No matter if Xbox 360 / Xbox One, PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 4, PC or for the FIFA Ultimate Team Companion right on your iOS or Android smartphone. The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Hack is working on all of them.


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Recently we are working for a FIFA 16 Coin Generator Online. So that you can generate Free Ultimate Team Coins and Points without downloading the FIFA 16 Hack file. With the online FIFA 16 Coin Generator you only need to type in the amount of Free FUT Coins, the amount of Free FUT Points, your ID and your platform. That is all we need.

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Features of the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Hack:

  • Generate Free FIFA 16 Coins
  • Generate Free FIFA Points
  • No password, e-mail or security question required
  • Working on all devices and operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android
  • Undetectable for bots
  • No risk of getting banned
  • You will leave no footprint
  • Generate Free FIFA 16 Coins and Points directly to your friends account
  • No limit of Free FIFA 16 Coins per day


Actually we as a community always try to help the game developer, but in this particular case we don’t want you guys to spend any buck to EA Sports. They are earning million every year just on Ultimate Team. With the launch of their new game on 24th September 2015 they will earn lots of money by selling FIFA Points to the gamer. That is unfair towards you.

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